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Working in Cafe

The hybrid work model emerges as a powerful tool for reducing the carbon footprint in the business world.

Office Night Shift

Together, let's build a better future through sustainable work practices.

Embrace Hybrid Work

Achieve a balance between remote and office work, minimising carbon emissions.

In which is your Company's headquarters located?
How many employees does your company have in total?
What percentage of your employees are expected to commute to work using public or company-provided shuttle transportation?
How do you anticipate the vehicle preferences of employees who commute to the company using their cars?
* The sum of all inputs must equal to 100.





How many days per week do you expect your employees to come to the office in the hybrid model?
What was the total office space in square meters in the traditional working model?
how much is the new office space you are planning for the hybrid period?
Ideal Office Area:
Mitigated Carbon:
Equals to:
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